We combine education and treatment!

Chrysalis Schools (in Danish Behandlingsskolerne) are Denmark’s largest special needs school. We offer 14 different learning environments for children and adolescents with special needs.

Our learning environments include special needs schools, STU, (adult) Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) and a unit for school phobia.

We are experts in educating and treating children and adolescents with complex mental challenges and believe that all children and adolescents should have the opportunity to acquire a valuable and self-sufficient adult life. Our work begins with the transparent philosophy: We never give up! We believe that all our students have great potential for development.


Our 14 different locations are located throughout Zealand, and we have just opened our first school in Jutland.

Our goal is to reach as many children and adolescents as possible while simultaneously keeping a strong focus on the students and their local communities.

Our locations contain various opportunities and resources that can benefit the individual needs of the students. Schools and activity centers in the city are all close to public transportation. We enjoy the city’s multiple opportunities for cultural and social experiences and take advantage of and learn from all the challenges a big city can produce. Treatment facilities in rural areas provides a respite of peace, space and fresh air for the children and adolescent students who particularly benefits from it.