“We never give up

CChrysalis Schools are Denmark’s largest private provider of special schools, and we administrate and facilitate 16 different educational offers for children and adolescents with special needs.

Since the first special school saw the light of day in 2003, Chrysalis Schools’ further development of schools and professional expertise have been growing rapidly, and today our educational offers are available in 16 different schools and treatment centers on Zealand.

Chrysalis Schools are a private educational program for children and adolescent, which today consists of special needs schools, youth educational programs, (adult) Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and a treatment center. The programs and offerings are targeted children and adolescents with challenges within autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, oligophrenia, personality disorders and PTSD.

Common for the students of Chrysalis Schools are that they have one or more psychiatric diagnoses and that they need an educational forum that is arranged individually according to their treatment. We adapt the schooling to the individual student’s needs, both personally, academically, socially and in terms of treatment. Students at Chrysalis Schools are enrolled through municipal referrals.

We believe that all children and adolescents should have the opportunity to experience a valuable and self-supporting adult life. We work from a clear philosophy: We never give up! For we believe that all our students have potential for development.