Chrysalis Schools were established in 2003 by Mads-Frederik Damgaard. As a child psychologist at the municipality of Copenhagen, Mads-Frederik had gained rich experience within the area of children with special needs, and he saw a need for an offering that was significantly stronger in terms of treatment than the existing ones. From the start, the psychological work was highly valued, and this is also what characterizes Chrysalis Schools today.

Fyrtårnet was the first school, and subsequently new schools have been opened in pace with the demand having increased in Copenhagen and the surrounding municipalities. Today, Chrysalis Schools are Denmark’s largest private provider of special needs schools, and has also opened weekend relief programs, adult education programs and a treatment center.
The treatment schools have grown from 1 student in 2002 to over 300 students today. It has been an exciting journey and we will continue our work.

The treatment schools have grown from 1 student in 2002 to over 300 students today. It has been an exciting journey and we will continue our work.


  • 2003

  • Fyrtårnet opens

    Fyrtårnet opens in Vanløse - Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • 2005

  • Pilelygård opens

    Pilelygård opens in Tølløse

  • 2007

  • Karlsvognen opens

    Karlsvogen opens at Islands Brygge - Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Polaris Vanløse opens

    Polaris opens in Vanløse - Psychiatric disorders, anxiety, personality disorders

  • 2008

  • Kompasset opens

    Kompasset opens in Vanløse - ADHD-and behavioral disorders

  • 2010

  • The children's office

    Behandlingsskolerne partners with the Children's Office.


    There are now 100 students enrolled at Behandlingsskolerne

  • 2012


    Treatment center opens at Østerbro - Psychiatric outpatient clinic, Investigation unit, Health professional unit

  • Vidensdage

    Behandlingsskolerne introduces monthly competence development days for entire employee group. Development days include conferences with internal and external speakers.

  • 2013

  • Barometret åbner

    Barometret opens on Amager - Developmental Disorders and Developmental Disability.

  • Individual-STU opens

    Individual-STU opens in Kvistgård

  • Pilen opens

    Pilen opens on Amager - ADHD and behavioral disorders.

  • Tag Fat opens

    Tag Fat opens at Amager - STU, Educational and treatment services for refugees and immigrants.

  • Game release

    Treatment Game -The “Structure Cards". The product is for both school and domestic use. The structure cards were nominated for an Index Award in 2013

  • 2014

  • Fortuna opens

    Fortuna opens at Østerbro - Single unit special needs school


    There are now 200 students enrolled at Behandlingsskolerne

  • Book release

    Behandlingsskolerne publishes "85 gode råd ". The book was nominated for the Index Award in 2014

  • 2015

  • Polaris Amager opens

    - Polaris opens on Amager - Psychiatric disorders, anxiety, personality disorders

  • Udbud KBH

    Behandlingsskolerne wins Udbud KBH

  • Book release

    Behandlingsskolerne publishes " Unge, der kom ud af mørket"

  • 2016

  • Quality report

    Behandlingsskolerne prepare 1. quality report evaluating on in-house treatment options and educational work in 2014/2015

  • Game release

    The Sexuality game called "Sex I spil" develops young people's awareness of their own and others' sexuality and rights. Sex in games is nominated for the Index Award 2017.


    There are now 300 students enrolled at Behandlingsskolerne

  • University of Copenhagen

    Behandlingsskolerne becomes part of the University of Copenhagen’s psychology studies. -Center for Anxiety v / Professor Barbara Hoff Esbjørn.

  • 2017

  • Vendepunktet opens

    Vendepunktet - didaskaleinphopia unit opens

  • Katholt opens

    Katholt opens in Kvistgård. Short- and long-term residential treatment facility for adults with intellectual disabilities (§ 107 and § 108)

  • Snekken opens

    Snekken open in Kvistgård. Development, Individual-STU and activity and social offering (§104)

  • Chrysalis Stenløse opens

    Behandlingsskolerne open school in Stenløse - ADHD, Autism and behavioral disorders

  • Quality report

    Behandlingsskolerne prepare the 2nd quality report which evaluates our in-house treatment options and educational work in 2015/16

  • Vive report: "Livet efter Behandlingsskolerne"

    In collaboration with SFI / VIVE, Behandlingsskolerne starts a very comprehensive qualitative and quantitative study of how previous students manage after leaving BS. The purpose of the study is that Behandlingsskolerne can develop and improve on our professional efforts, our products and the way in which we cooperate with parents, students and municipalities.

  • 2018

  • First school in Jutland

    Chrysalis Billund åbner - Chrysalis Billund opens - ADHD, Autism and behavioral disorders.

  • Vive report finished - results

    Behandlingsskolerne have now gained a great deal of knowledge about the durability of the academic, social and personal competencies the students build while they attend Behandlingsskolerne. The results will therefore be included in the upcoming professional and methodological development work, as well as in preparing targeted information for specifically designated target groups.

  • Chrysalis Virum opens

    Chrysalis Virum opens - ADHD, Autism and behavioral disorders.


Every part of our logo symbolizes our approach to treatment, education and pedagogy at Behandlingsskolerne. An unravel of the logo will also provide the reader with a good understanding of the values ​​we bring into our work with the children and the mission that we are all driven by.

The four triangles represent the focus areas: Society, Family, School and Student. The three sides on all triangles represent respectively: Treatment by psychologists, education by teachers and pedagogy by educators. It is the combination of cross- functional and skilled personnel, that under a strong and documented frame means that our students make the greatest personal and academic progress.