How we work?

The mission of Chrysalis Schools is to create the opportunity for all students to have a valuable and self-supporting adult life.

We conduct value-based work:

We never give upOnce a student has enrolled at one of our schools, he or she is never asked to leave school. We believe that all our students have development potential.

Fortunately, our students are different – Therefore all education and treatment are individually organized. We challenge the students, but never longer than they can manage.

Our job is more than a job –  from the beginning, and still today, Chrysalis Schools have been sustained by a group of enthusiastic employees dedicating their lives to make a difference for their students.

We have general principles about our work that are manifested throughout our schools:

We tailor the approach to each individual student

We do not follow one method, but always organize the treatment and education based on the individual student’s specific challenges. With our treatment we must ensure that the student is feeling as well as possible, as this creates the best foundation for development. The education is organized in interdisciplinary collaboration, to ensure a plan and a schedule that is structured so that it is motivating for the students. We support and challenge our students and insist that the students are entitled to and must be in development. Students must be motivated in regard to development and “pushed” forward when possible. We walk the extra mile for the students and provide extra measures if there are treatment, educational, milieu therapeutic and or pedagogical reasons for this.

We must always follow acknowledged methods and guidelines

We are prohibited to follow the law “folkeskoleloven” and the guidelines provided by Copenhagen municipality.
We follow the National blueprint for treatment published by the National Board of Health and Welfare in May 2013.The students are divided into classes by age, function level, psychopathology and other personality psychological factors, as well as how they fit in socially. With the introduction of Folkeskolereformen, more emphasis has now been placed on learning-objective based teaching at Behandlingsskolerne. We originate our work from newer subject didactic knowledge and insight combined with deep knowledge of diagnoses and comorbidities and which milieu therapeutic tools that work.

High academic professionalism in all employees

The students are unique in relation to the way in which their problems are expressed, and our employees must be trained in handling tasks in individual and different ways.
Therefore, we continuously ensure a high level of academic professionalism among our psychologists, teachers and educators, through internal knowledge sharing and training, relevant external courses, including subject specialization upgrading and continuing education.

About externalizing behaviors

At Chrysalis Schools, there are certain things that we will not accept from our students, regardless of their challenges with diagnoses and past experiences. We believe that we have a duty to students and their parents to step in and stop dangerous situations. Our intervention will always follow the rule of order guidelines provided by Folkeskolen.

We will intervene in the following cases:

If the student poses a risk to others – If the student poses a risk to other students or adults, the student will be stopped regardless of behavioral reason. We will always intervene with the greatest possible consideration for all parties involved.

In the event of violent destruction of equipment – Students who destroy high-value equipment or in a way that can become physically dangerous will be removed from the classroom after three oral warnings.

If the student is at self-harm risk – If the student poses a threat to self-e.g. causing self-harm, the student will be stopped with reference to the emergency provisions.

When we intervene, we will always intervene as gentle as possible, and within strictly defined limits. A so-called power use with retention will only be used as the last resort.

Withdrawal of Material – Students who carry substances or materials that pose a serious health risk to the student and or others will be deprived of the material.

Throughout our work, we try to be understanding, flexible and reflected in our understanding of externalizing behavior, and we work purposefully to reduce the number of cases of externalizing behavior so that we can avoid restrainment.