Make a difference! Chrysalis Schools are continuously looking for new teacher / educator colleagues for our special needs’ schools located in the Copenhagen area.

Do you want to help children with special challenges well on their way to their full potential? And would you like to work at a special needs school in an environment with high academic professionalism, broad academic professionalism and good facilities?

Chrysalis Schools continue to grow, and therefore we are continuously looking for new employees within the many subject areas of Chrysalis Schools and encourage everyone who may have an interest in our organization to send an application. We are looking for both generalists and specialists within the educational area for our many different students.

The daily life at Chrysalis schools

Throughout recent years, Chrysalis Schools have been developing rapidly, and today we can among other things call ourselves, Denmark’s largest private workplace in the educational specialty area. We combine many skills in our daily work to fulfill our promise – “we build our students’ ability to learn for life and give them tools and strategies that enable them to take an active part in our society”.

The majority of students enrolled with us are diagnosed with one or more mental disorders, the most dominating of which are ADHD, autism, personality disorders and various anxiety problems.

Relationships are therefore a large part of our school work and something we spend a lot of resources on – you will therefore experience a very different working day with us, where everything from excursions with academic content to study trips international or domestic, camps, diving courses and active learning is included.

Everyday life at the treatment schools is very changeable, and you must therefore be able to handle the sometimes-difficult situations and be flexible in relation to the students’ challenges. We have a high employee to child ratio, and you will always be assisted by a colleague during classes, in that way you are never alone with any challenges that might appear.


We would prefer you to be an academically skilled teacher / educator with strong educational qualities such as overview, flexibility and a calm temperament. As an adult, you can create positive relationships, but you also have the ability to set boundaries and goals and can manage situations where students sometimes get frustrated. You thrive in the interaction with the students and want to occasionally participate in activities and other diverse tasks.

We prefer that you have a relevant education, but if you have an exciting CV and a lot of experience from previous employment within our field, we are happy to hear from you.


Chrysalis Schools are a privately-owned organization that operates within the field of treatment and education of children and adolescents with special needs aged 6-25 years. We mainly reside in the Copenhagen general area, but also facilitate a school in Undløse in Holbæk municipality and Tikøb in Helsingør municipality. We are in growth and development and Behandlingsskolerne currently consist of a total of 10 schools and 220 employees.


Good salary, breakfast and lunch arrangement, collective health insurance and pension at PFA – And for the teachers no requirement for full presence, only when it makes sense in relation to collaboration and courses. You will have the opportunity to develop your professional skills both internally and externally with further education.

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