In addition to our special needs schools, we at Chrysalis Schools also have a number of additional offers. These include a specialized effort in relation to children and adolescents with Didaskaleinophobia also known as school phobia, STU courses (specially adapted youth education) for selected target groups, activity- and social activities offers and accommodation.

Vendepunktet is our school phobia unit. Vendepunktet helps both students to be enrolled at one of Behandlingsskolernes’ in-house schools, and students who are returning to their original school or are enrolled at another school. Vendepunktet has an office in Vanløse but is a mobile unit that visits and works with students with school phobia throughout the island of Zealand.

Katholt and Snekken are treatment end educational offers for adolescents and adults aged 16-30. Katholt is a residential facility for adults with low cognitive function levels and other psychiatric diagnoses / syndromes. Snekken is an Individual STU offer and an activity and social offer partly for the residents of Katholt, and partly for other students within similar target group who need extensive educational efforts. Both places are located in Kvistgård.

Our educational and treatment offer Tag Fat is a STU for traumatized adult refugees, who are described as mentally vulnerable. Tag Fat is located on Amager.