Snekken are offers for adolescents and adults with a greatly reduced functional level. Our mission is to make all our students and participants as viable as possible. Snekken is located on an old manor house – Marianelund – together with the residential facility Katholt.

Our target group is adolescents and adults who are within the oligophrenic psychiatric field which mean persons who have a degree of developmental disability. Most often they also experience other mental diagnoses, such as autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety problems, depression or schizophrenia. In addition, some of our participants have other issues such as epilepsy, mild physical impairments and speech and communication difficulties.


Snekken Individual-STU
Snekken Individual-STU is a 3-year specially adapted youth education program, which contains a leisure program for young people between 16-25 years of age. The participants have often had a school course at a special school before enrolling with us. The students at Snekken Individual-STU are in need of an employee ratio of 1: 1, 1½: 1 or 2: 1.

All STU courses are individually organized based on the education plan. The educational plan has been prepared by the supervisor from the Youth Education Program in cooperation with parents / guardians and the school. At the school, we prepare individual goals and sub-goals and concretize them in teaching and educational plans. We always inform supervisors and parents/guardians about current goals and their status.

Snekken §104

Snekken §104 is a day facility that activates, creates joy and develops the skills of our participants. The day facility is aimed at persons in our target group aged 18-40. We have three exciting programs that the participants can choose between. All activities are supervised by educational staff in collaboration with the leading psychologist.

In addition to the three programs, there are communal activities that all our users participate in according to individual estimates. We generally work with ADL training (training in General Daily Living). We see sports and movement as important activities for all young people at Snekken.

The day facility is tailored to the needs and wishes of the participants. We have plenty of space both inside and out. This means that we can create a program for the individual participant, almost regardless of what specific needs that has to be taken into account. We therefore have good experience in creating courses for participants who do not immediately ‘fit in’ in other educational offers.


Snekken’s 3 programs

Earth to table: The student / participant helps to grow vegetables and take care of our vegetable gardens. In addition, they have home-economics and participate in canteen operations according to their capabilities.

The creative: The student / participant works with creative projects such as photo, arts and craft, visual art and woodwork. We have workshops and a special creativity room. We provide lots of materials and make space available for the creative activities.

Farm: The student / participant participates in the daily care of Marianelund’s horses, rabbits and guinea pigs. They also help with the maintenance of our outdoor areas.

At Snekken, we can accommodate 10 participants distributed between Individual-STU and §104.