§107 AND §108

Katholt is a residential facility for adolescents and adults with greatly reduced functional levels. Our mission is to make all our users as viable as possible. Katholt is located at an old manor house – Marianelund – together with Snekken Individual-STU and §104.

Our target group is adolescents and adults who are within the oligophrenic psychiatric field which mean persons who have a degree of developmental disability. Most often they also experience other mental diagnoses, such as autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety problems, depression or schizophrenia. In addition, some of our participants have other issues such as epilepsy, mild physical impairments and speech and communication difficulties.

Resilience and joy of living are the key words of the accommodation plan. In our quiet environment we see that our users thrive while mastering more each day. ADL training (training in General Daily Living) is central to Katholt. We focus on the small steps. With us, the smallest step towards greater viability is always a big deal.

We emphasize on creating good relations among the users and employees. Through this, we can create development opportunities and quality of life. We also attach great importance to socializing among the users themselves, but it is always with respect for the individual’s surplus energy.

At Katholt we also see health as an important element of quality of life. We therefore serve healthy and nutritious food and facilitate movement and exercise on the daily. We are also responsible for the handling of each individual user’s medicine and follow their hospital consultations, doctors or dentist visit. In addition, Katholt has a nurse affiliated, who is always ready to provide assistance and guidance on questions regarding general health, lifestyle diseases, dietary guidance and other things

We provide emotional and educational support in regard to cleaning in own apartment, laundry, purchasing and preparing food and other practical tasks. Katholts users participate in house chores to the extent that they are able to do so. On Katholt, self-determination and co-influence are a natural part of everyday life for the individual and for the group, but we are always taking into account the users’ need for predictability and structure.

At Katholt we can accommodate 6 participants distributed by 2 participants in §107 and 4 participants in §108.