Tag Fat



All vulnerable youth deserve a chance!

Tag fat is a unique educational and treatment offer for young and slightly older refugees and immigrants with great mental difficulties – (17-45 years).

All students at Tag fat has a residence permit in Denmark. This is including but is not limited to, unaccompanied minors or young refugees over the age of 18 who have resided in asylum centers for a longer period of time before being granted a residence permit. The students often suffer from mental trauma, depression, anxiety and other psychological challenges.

A student enrolled at Tag fat can also be a young person who has resided in Denmark for a majority of his or her life but originates from a refuge family where the parents are heavily traumatized, or a young newly arrived refugee who does not fit into a traditional language center regime. Tag fat is also available for 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants who have difficulty learning and therefore find it difficult to complete a regular youth education.

Our goal at Tag fat is that the student is able to handle his or her everyday life. We work towards the student being proficient enough in writing and speaking Danish that they can continue in an ordinary educational program, an external internship or return to the job market. The core of Tag fat is therefore teaching Danish as a second language, psychoeducation and offering psychologist sessions with an interpreter. Tag fat is a holistic treatment offer that helps the students obtain a meaningful and enjoyable adult life in Denmark.


Enrollment: Tag fat has a thoroughly planned enrollment procedure – always with interpreting assistance. Students who do not wish to attend are not admitted. We provide the possibility of a non-commitment visit before registration. Read more here. Read more here.

Pedagogical Rehabilitation Center: Via case officers in the job center / integration department. Price 19,400 per month, incl. psychological assistance (July is free of charge). Listed price is for a full-time course; Courses at reduced time and price can be negotiated.

Private lessons in combination with practical subjects: Price: Individual in correlation to number of hours

Resource course through the municipality’s rehabilitation team: Price: Individual in correlation to number of hours

STU: Price: 20 000 kr. Per month (incl. Psychological assistance)

Mentor Hours as aftercare: Price 500 kr. Per. hour incl. homework assistance / arbejdspladsdansk


Recommendation from social worker Sanne Serup Damsgaard

“I have used Tag fat for a year now and currently have 4 students enrolled. My experiences are only positive. By enrolling these students in Tag fat, we have succeeded in getting these highly traumatized students to maintain their Danish education. Furthermore, as a case handler, I am relieved work related, as they handle and help the students with all aspects of their lives. In addition, they also grasp the students who do not necessarily benefit from a treatment course at the trauma clinic at present time, because Tag fat also facilitates psychoeducation and have a resident psychologist. The educational aspects work on a knowledge-based approach, in relation to how students with trauma and thus learning difficulties can best absorb education. “