From school absence to stable schooling


At Vendepunktet, we enroll students with high school absence, also called Didaskaleinophobia or school phobia. In recent years, this has been an increasing problem for many schools in Denmark.

Students with school phobia tend to isolate themselves at home. They often cannot receive homeschooling since school phobia is regularly linked to school-related activities and this may mean that students with school phobia will not receive the educational development that is a requirement in Denmark. Therefore, we do not articulate schooling directly, when first meeting the student as this could increase the student’s resistance to the concept of school. We will however take on the educational obligation and rethink learning in a creative way which will help the student with the challenge of dealing with school phobia.


Target group

Vendepunktet is offered to all students with school phobia, i.e.:

  • Students to be enrolled at Chrysalis Schools.
  • Students affiliated with the municipal-school system, other special education schools,
  • Students who are returning to their old school or students who are enrolling a new school.

When we first meet our students, they have often been confined to their home for months. To attend school after a long period of absence an extraordinary and focused effort is needed.


At Vendepunktet, our work begins with a dedicated and professional effort. The overall goal is for the students to be motivated to (again) start attending school.

Vendepunktet is built in phases (see method and approach), where it is particularly important that the student works on the root cause of the school phobia.



At Vendepunktet there is always an interdisciplinary team affiliated with the student. The interdisciplinary team includes a specially selected consultant who is the child’s primary contact. The primary consultant will work together with psychologists, family therapists, nurses, reading counselors and others to best support the student. We therefore draw on a broad psychological and special educational knowledge in our treatment.

A course at Vendepunktet is scheduled for a minimum of 3 months. Here, we continuously adapt the effort and evaluate the goals that have been prepared in cooperation with the student.

When a student is enrolled at Vendepunktet they are invariably offered the following:

  • Reading test
  • Health examination
  • Cognitive examinations
  • Counseling with psychologist
  • Family therapy