During March 2016, Chrysalis Schools conducted a study outlining the parents’ satisfaction with their child’s school.

The parents answered questions on topics such as satisfaction with the development of the child’s well-being, the child’s academic benefits, teachers, educators and psychologists, parental communication with employees and physical environment. The below segment will be outlined by some of the report’s main points. A full summary can be found in the quality report of Chrysalis Schools.


Overall, are you satisfied with Chrysalis Schools?

Would you recommend Chrysalis Schools to parents in a similar situation as yourself?

Of the parents who formed an opinion to the question, a total of 90.8% were satisfied with Chysalis Schools. A smaller group, 9.2%, were not. We will of course work to uncover the reasons behind their dissatisfaction and thereby hopefully improve on their opinion of Chrysalis Schools. It is our hypothesis that the “do not know” answers primarily cover parents of newly enrolled children, and therefore it may have been difficult to form an opinion on said questions.


We asked the parents if they would recommend Chrysalis Schools to other parents with children in similar situations. To this question, 92.4% of those who answered said that they would be more than likely to recommend Chrysalis Schools.