Psychological diagnoses and psychiatric examination

Chrysalis Schools have their own diagnose unit, which handles internal and external diagnostication of a psychological and child psychiatric nature. In addition, child psychiatric diagnoses carried out by child psychiatric departments are conformed to therapeutic and pedagogical practice. An internal diagnostication can be considered when a student has not previously been diagnosed or there is a need for a supplementary examination or reassessment. An internal diagnostication is always in compliance with the student’s case handler and parents.



During the diagnostication a report is prepared. This report can help form the basis for further treatment by psychologist and / or child and adolescent psychiatrists or special educational measures. A diagnostication can be planned in collaboration with the PPR psychologist and performed  by Behandlingsskolerne, while the subsequent psychologist report and test results are returned to the PPR psychologist.


We have affiliated psychologists with experience in child and adolescent psychiatry as well as experienced child and adolescent psychiatrists. We diagnose inter alia for autism spectrum disorder, ADHD / ADD, behavioral disorder, anxiety, OCD, depression, Tourette’s syndrome, cognitive disorders, language disorders, personality function, eating disorders and emotional difficulties.

Sub-diagnoses ensure that we constantly work purposefully, efficiently and holistically with all the student’s challenges. Internal diagnostication allow for close observations in the environment – during classes, in milieu therapeutic activities, during transport, meals etc. We can quickly retain information from educational employees in the form of structured questionnaires, school descriptions and interviews. The diagnosis psychologist can then contribute with suggestions for efforts, additional information on the assessment result, supplementary study, etc. An internal diagnostication can lead to new treatment goals being set.