Healthcare and treatment

At Chrysalis Schools we value healthcare treatment as an integral part of our overall treatment effort. We work according to the National Board of Health’s recommendations, and focus on the students ‘physics, and work purposefully to promote the students’ health and prevent somatic genes. In the treatment, we focus on equipping the students with the right tools so that they are able to make informative and healthy choices in the future, to increase their body awareness and security in their own body. In addition, we are aware of any somatic disorders that require ongoing treatment or consultations with other specialist doctors.

The healthcare unit employs healthcare personnel, nurses and a pediatrician.

As part of our disease prevention and health promotion efforts, students are annually seen by our nurses for a health checkup. During the checkup we conduct a thorough review of the student’s physics, including visual and hearing tests as well as motor skill tests. Test are then compared to the previous year’s results. The schools’ nurses organize the individual healthcare courses on the basis of the health examination results. Healthcare courses can take place individually or in groups and may address issues such as hygiene, diet, exercise, sleep problems, sexuality, illegal substances, motor skill difficulties, encopresis issues, anxiety for dentists, blood pressure measurement or blood sampling.

The health professionals of Chysalis Schools provide assistance for parents in regard to:

  • The child attending regular dental checks
  • The child following his or her vaccination program
  • The child receiving the recommended treatment for a chronic somatic disorder.
  • The child attending all consultations at specialist doctors or hospitals
  • The child attending consultations at his or her own doctor
  • The child getting the necessary blood tests

In order to ensure optimal treatment or support of the student, it requires close cooperation between the parents, school staff, frequent follow-ups, and educational training of the schools teaching staff if needed.

The healthcare staff’s daily contact with the student helps to ensure a safe treatment environment for both the student and the students’ parents.

The health professionals also have a special focus regarding terms of effect and side effects on students who are in medical treatment at Behandlingsskolerne. The nurses will personally contact the students and educate the staff regarding side effects they should be aware of.

If a child has been admitted or followed in a course in a somatic or psychiatric hospital administration, it is the task of the nurse to ensure that all information in this connection becomes available for Chrysalis Schools. If there are special prescriptions or other forms of treatment that have been initiated, it is the nurse’s task to ensure that these are carried out both at home and at school. If the treatment requires special aids, such as special chairs, leg braces, glasses and hearing aids, the nurse ensures that these will be provided. If necessary, Chrysalis Schools will cover the costs involved.

We work with sensory integration training both in the teaching and during school breaks. Several of the students are disturbed by the senses, and need to be stimulated throughout the sensory system, including the vestibular sense, tactile sense, hearing, vision and sense of smell.

Some are stimulated on the swing, jumping, crawling, brushing or stimulating their vision and hearing through small film sections. For all the students, there is an increased focus on motor training – motor training skills can take place in a swimming pool, sports hall or a gym for the slightly older students. In collaboration with Idrætsakademiet, we have developed concrete motor training exercises that are differentiated and targeted at our student group. Motor training skills progress are made into a picture series, so it is easy for both staff and students to participate in and follow accordingly. In the individual exercises there is focus on both motor skills and diagnostics.